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Our Love is Wrong

My pride is strong, 

But not as strong as these chains

From my past that bind me,

Which is why I feel wrong,

Wrong for you because

Your past is pure like spring.

There are not storms for you,

Which is why we must pause

Our love. My pride is strong,

But my will is weak. When I see you,

I can't imagine loving another.

Even though for you, I'm wrong.
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Waiting for it to ripen, I spent days watching it, waiting for the right time
To cut into it,
To tear into it,
To tell it how much I wanted it;
To feel its juices running through my teeth as they clench through the yellow flesh;
I must be careful of the hard middle,
To not break the knife as it slices through.
But I am disappointed.
It is overripe and I have left it too long.
I’ve missed the mark.

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New Beginnings

I met you at a crossroads;

I didn’t know left from right;

I saw the signs but I was afraid –

Afraid to come off the dust beaten track.

You showed me a valley

Of infinite possibilities,

Without even meeting face to face.

Like the moon orbits the earth,

I felt your gravitational pull;

Even when we were no longer speaking

Your pull brought me closer to myself

Than I’d ever felt before.

Like staring into a mirror

And seeing a foreign face,

I saw what you saw all along,

And I knew that I had to swallow the fear

And leave behind what was already lost,

And found what I’d always been looking for.