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Bye Bye Starman

Waking up to Lazarus
In between the dawn and dusk
Heavy oh my heart did weigh
The stars look very different today
The song ends to play the news
Suddenly Planet Earth is blue
Disappeared without a clue
And there was nothing that I could do
Ooh DJ shut your mouth
For your lies you will go South
The Starman gave up his light?
In the middle of the night?

Such a beautiful, pretty thing
You drew me underneath your wing
Drove my mother hilarious insane
As I fought against the generic grain
With my bizarre birthday request
For a cake coloured in Bowie’s face
Mum wasn’t sure if you were a boy or a girl
My fascination sent her into a whirl
Black girl obsessed with androgynous man
Falling for the words you sang
Yet can’t recall when I first heard your songs
Always I’ve felt pulled along
You blew my mind – I always knew you
My Starman through and through
You my king and I your Queen
You got me through the in between
Whenever I hit an all time low
I knew just where I had to go
I put on my red shoes and blue jeans
And on goes the iPod oh so keen
Bowie love: not a modern love
An awesome extraterrestrial love
You said you had no potential
Ever too modest to be mentioned
But you were my number one superman
Defo beyond that of a lifespan
But as sudden to birth so sudden you fly
We failed to see you wave bye bye
But left behind your peace on Earth
This land now no longer your turf
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Dance away the blues we must

Brixton streets darkened with cries
With tribute they look up to the skies
As we pray to see see you fly and soar
High as your days of yore
And as we wipe away our tears
We thank you for the golden yearsimage