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Life is plagued with forgiveness
To make up takes only one kiss
A strong, sincere handshake
One embrace an end will make
Seventy times seventy
My Lord makes that clear
Don’t I wish I’d kept a tally
Hindsight is always our ally

At night I lie with anger and regret
Such feeling within you have beget
Years a tortured soul screaming
How could you not see me bleeding?
Always your child yet I felt alone
Excluding you from my inner zone
Both heartbreakers tearing away
And now what more is there to say?

Good morning hate
Good day resentment
Good evening indifference
Good night reflection

In dark dreams my heart aches

I toss, I turn, I dive, I retreat
Letting go is no mean feat



I’m Cece Alexandra and I have Epilepsy. Since being diagnosed, my life has changed significantly. After studying and teaching Humanities and Literature for all of my adult life, I was bullied and lost my job a month before qualifying to become an English Teacher. Once you fail the Teacher Training course in England, you cannot ever retrain; I then became too sick to work because of my Epilepsy. I am now currently studying an MSc in Mental Health Psychology with the University of Liverpool. My disability provokes me into raising awareness for invisible disabilities, which I also actively partake in with Epilepsy Action. Part of that awareness is to help fight against invisible disability discrimination - I believe that this behaviour is not cognitively unconscious; modern society is actively partaking in a hierarchy of disabilities and I believe that there is not enough psychological research to prove this. I am also clinically interested in Cultural Psychology - particularly Collectivist Culture, and wish to pursue this further in my academic career.

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